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Terms of Sales

The PORT ROYAL HOTEL operates the website enabling the reservation of overnight stays at the PORT ROYAL HOTEL.

The purpose of these general conditions is to govern the relationship between the client and the company operating the hotel for which the Client makes a reservation and whose name and contact details appear in the list attached to the General Conditions and in the reservation summary.

1. Contractual documents – Order of precedence

1.1. The relations between the PORT ROYAL HOTEL and the Customer are governed by General Conditions, supplemented by their appendices comprising the description of services as well as the reservation summary on which the rate applied and any special conditions related to the chosen rate appear, the terms of payment and cancellation and modification conditions. All these documents constitute the entire contract. In the event of any contradiction occurring between these various documents, the order of precedence will be as follows: (I) General Conditions, (II) Reservation summary, (III) Annexes to the General Conditions.

2. Prerequisites

The reservation of a room at the PORT ROYAL HOTEL is reserved for natural persons of legal age and legal capacity. By booking a room with the PORT ROYAL HOTEL, the Customer expressly declares that these conditions are met.

3. Reservation procedures

3.1. Reservations can be made only on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL website based on the following process and subject to availability of the desired room(s):

The Customer indicates their dates of stay, the type and number of rooms they wish to reserve and choose from the proposed daily rates, then validate their choice after having read the full description of the relevant room(s), rates, services included in these rates, payment terms and Cancellation and Modification Policy.

They are then invited to complete a form enabling their reservation to be considered. The Customer guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information given on this occasion; or to contact the hotel by email or phone, in the event of a reservation request for more than 4 rooms at the same dates. Indeed, these general conditions are not applicable in such a situation. Special conditions for group bookings will then be communicated to them by the hotel before the booking is confirmed.

Throughout their reservation, the Customer has access to a summary of their reservation details in the “Your stay” insert.

To proceed with the reservation, the Customer must:

  • Indicate their dates of stay

  • Select the type of room and the desired rate which can be flexible (cancellable and modifiable under conditions) or non-refundable;

  • Select desired additional options (the pricing of each of these options is indicated in the reservation form)

  • Confirm their reservation by including the options chosen at the displayed rate.

  • Then access a page where they are invited to:

    • Identify themselves

    • Fill in the contact details required for the reservation

    • Complete their payment information.

This page also contains information on payment terms, as well as the Cancellation and Modification Policy.

  • their reservation request by validating the page, after having read and accepted the General Conditions including the Description of Services.

  • After validation, the Customer accesses a page containing a summary of their reservation.

  • If the reservation request has been considered, the Customer receives an email at the email address indicated in the aforementioned form, confirming their reservation and communicating the General Conditions including the Description of Services, the Cancellation and Modification Policy.


3.2 For certain periods of the year, due to high demand, a minimum reservation period may be required. Information relating to the relevant periods and the minimum reservation period are communicated on request by telephone.


3.3 All reservations are personal and may in no case be transferred to a third party, whether for free or for a fee or for commercial purposes.


4. Stay at the hotel


4.1. The Customer agrees to use the room assigned to them and more generally all the hotel facilities in a reasonable manner, in compliance with the regulations in force, good morals and public order.


4.2. The Customer is held responsible towards the PORT ROYAL HOTEL for any possible damage caused during their stay, as well as for any object or furniture belonging to the hotel reported missing at the end of their stay.

If the PORT ROYAL HOTEL should notice any damage or if an object or piece of furniture should be missing because of the Customer, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL will be entitled to re-invoice the sum equaling the damage that has been caused within 48 hours following their departure from the hotel.

The PORT ROYAL HOTEL would like to remind you that its hotel is non-smoking. The mere fact of smoking in the common areas and / or the bedrooms constitutes a degradation. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL will, in this case, be entitled to re-invoice the sum equaling the damage that has been caused.


4.3. In the event of behavior contrary to good morals or public order, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL may require the Customer leave the hotel immediately, without the latter being able to claim any reimbursement or compensation.


4.4. If one or more minors occupy rooms reserved by the Customer, the latter undertakes that at least one adult is present in each of the rooms reserved.


4.5. The Customer agrees to:

Use the hotel safe for all valuables and cash.

Any breach of these obligations will be considered gross negligence on the part of the customer.


4.6. The Customer is informed that under the legal and / or regulatory provisions, they may be required to fill in a police form upon their arrival at the hotel and present a valid identity document.

The Customer is also informed that they must be able to present the credit card they used to book the room.


4.7. The Customer can enter and leave the hotel 24 hours a day. However, an entry and exit control system can be put in place. The Customer must return their key to reception at each exit. The Customer is informed that in the event of loss or theft of the key, they may obtain a duplicate from the hotel. For security reasons, the Customer will be required to present a valid identity document to obtain this duplicate. Loss of the key will be charged 25 euros.


4.8. The rooms can be occupied by the Customer from 3:00 p.m.


4.9. Unless they benefit from applicable stipulations in terms of early arrival or late departure (see article 4.10 for more details), the rooms must be vacated by the Customer before 11:00 am, under penalty of being charged an amount equal to the rate in force the day the delay is noted for one night for the corresponding room.


These sums can be cashed in directly with the credit card number indicated at the PORT ROYAL HOTEL when booking or subsequently.


4.10. Early arrival - Late departure: subject to availability, the Customer may request access to their room before 3:00 p.m. on the day of their arrival or to keep their room after 11:00 a.m. This service must be purchased on site with the hotel teams against payment of one night's stay.


4.11. The details of the services included in the price of the night and the services additionally invoiced appear in the appendix to the General Conditions.


4.12. As part of Internet access use, the Customer undertakes to respect the conditions of Internet access use which are communicated to them during their first connection, and which can also be consulted at the hotel reception.


4.13. No pets will be allowed in the hotel.


5. Prices - Terms of payment


5.1. The Customer is informed of the prices of the services they have subscribed to, prior to the conclusion of the Contract by consulting the PORT ROYAL HOTEL Site.

The prices indicated on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL website are expressed in euros. They include VAT but not the tourist tax (personal and daily tax). The amount of the tourist tax appears on the detail of their booking confirmation for information purposes, its amount being subject to regular changes. Any modification of the taxes in force or the introduction of new taxes after the reservation will be reflected in the total price paid by the Customer.


5.2. The rates indicated in the booking are per room, for one night and within the maximum room occupancy limit.


5.3. Different price ranges may be offered to the Customer. The type and conditions of application of the various rates offered for a room are detailed on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL website and included in the Cancellation and Modification Policy.


5.4. Depending on the type of rate chosen by the Customer when booking, the price of the night(s) reserved is guaranteed by the bank card provided by the Customer in advance.


5.5 Any extras and / or compensation due to damage or missing items / furniture may also be taken directly from the bank account connected to the bank card whose contact details were provided by the Customer at the time of booking.

In this regard, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL informs the Customer that their bank details are kept from the validation of their reservation. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL reserves the right to use this data after the end of their stay for a period of 7 days.

The Customer is informed in advance of the details and the amount incurred in the event of damage observed by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL at the end of their stay. Regarding extra consumption, a summary note is emailed to the Customer.


5.6. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL may modify the prices of various rooms at any time without this modification bearing any consequences on the Customer who will, in any event, be billed the rate in force on the day of their reservation, except when there has been a modification of taxes in force or the introduction of new taxes, as provided for in article 5.1 of these General Conditions.

The PORT ROYAL HOTEL may also modify the rates for additional services. The prices applicable for these will be those on the day they were ordered by the Customer.


6. Modifications - Cancellation


6.1. In accordance with the provisions of article L.221-28 of the Consumer Code, the Customer is informed that they do not have the right of withdrawal provided for by article L.221-18 of the same code.


6.2. For each stay reservation, the terms of cancellation and / or changes to the reservation are detailed in the Cancellation and Changes Policy specific to the chosen rate, which is recalled in the booking confirmation.


6.3 When the Customer has booked one or more night(s) without the possibility of cancellation and / or free modification, cancellation is not allowed. The commitment of both parties will be considered firm and final, and the Customer will not be able to obtain any reimbursement of the sums the Hotel has received.


6.4 When the Customer has booked an overnight stay with the possibility of modifications, the Customer may freely change the date of night or the type of room up to a certain period before the day his stay begins (see booking conditions). In this case, the rate invoiced to the Customer will be that in force, at the time of the modification, for the new dates and the new type of room the Customer has chosen.

When the Customer has booked an overnight stay with the possibility of cancellation and modifications, the following conditions apply:

- In the event of cancellation before the deadline indicated on the Customer's reservation at the hotel, no amount will be charged to the Customer;

- If the cancellation occurs later, this late cancellation will result in invoicing based on the penalties appearing in the conditions of the offer. This amount will be taken directly from the bank account connected to the bank card, the contact details of which were provided by the Customer when making their reservation. If, however, this debit proves impossible for any reason whatsoever (and if the bank card in question is no longer valid), the Customer undertakes to pay the amount due using another means of payment accepted by the hotel.


In the event of cancellation during the Customer's stay, the Customer may not claim any reimbursement for the canceled night(s), with the full amounts paid at the start of their stay in application of article 5.4. remaining acquired by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL.


6.5 If the Customer does not show up after 4:00 am on the first day of their reservation (“no show”):

- If the nights have been booked without the possibility of free modification or cancellation, the Customer will not be entitled to any refund or any compensation.

- If the nights have been booked with the possibility of cancellation or modification, the amount indicated in the conditions of the offer will be directly debited from the bank account connected to the bank card whose contact details were provided by the Customer during their booking.

In any case, unless the Customer has previously informed PORT ROYAL HOTEL by email (written proof required) before midnight that they could not be present before the arrival deadline but that they nevertheless intended to join the the Hotel subsequently and take possession of their room(s), the Customer is informed that PORT ROYAL HOTEL will put their room(s) up for sale.


6.6 The cancellation and modification procedures are as follows:

- When the Customer has reserved one or more night (s) with the possibility of cancellation, the cancellation of the reservation can be made directly on the Site through the section "Consult or cancel your reservation" or by emailing the PORT ROYAL HOTEL;

- When the Customer wishes to modify their reservation, the modification of the reservation can be made on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL Site or at the hotel, by email, under the conditions described in 6.3 and 6.4 above.


6.7 If by extraordinary circumstances and except in the case of force majeure, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL should not be able to ensure the booked reservation, it will offer the Customer, at the Customer's choice, either the simple reimbursement of the sums already paid, or rehousing in an establishment of at least equivalent category and located nearby (the PORT ROYAL HOTEL bearing the possible difference between the price of the room initially reserved by the Customer with the PORT ROYAL HOTEL and the price of the room in the new establishment offered by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL).


7. Liability - Complaints


7.1. The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of services they wish to book and their suitability regarding their needs. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL will not be held responsible in this regard.


7.2. The Customer is informed that the PORT ROYAL HOTEL is not able to ensure that the room(s) they have been allocated will be strictly identical to photographs of the type of room(s) reserved appearing on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL Site. In fact, within the same hotel, variations may exist between different rooms of the same type, in terms of room size, furniture arrangement, colors or even in the event of a change of furniture or renovation. No claim can therefore be made by the Customer unless the differences invoked are substantial.


7.3. Any complaints from the Customer must be made to the hotel staff and, if the Customer considers that no satisfactory solution has been found, they must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Customer Service, whose contact details appear in Article 10 within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the end of the Customer's stay at the hotel in question.


8. Customer service


To get in touch with Customer Service, the Customer can:

Send a letter to the following address:

PORT ROYAL HOTEL - Customer Service

8, Boulevard de Port Royal 75005 PARIS;

Send an email using their personal account to the following address:


9. Personal data and cookies


9.1. The Customer's personal data collected by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL is processed within the meaning of the amended law of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing and freedoms for the purposes of executing the Contract, in particular booking management, sending information, as well as payment and billing operations.

The Customer's personal data is kept for a period necessary for the service to be performed and the commercial relationship to be monitored. The Customer's personal data necessary to establish proof of a right or contract will also be kept for the period necessary to enable the PORT ROYAL HOTEL to comply with its legal and / or regulatory obligations.

Credit card data is kept for the time necessary for the Contract to be performed. In addition, they may be kept in an intermediate archive for proof purposes for a period of 13 months, depending on the debit date or 15 months in the case of deferred debit payment cards, it being specified that they may only be used in case of dispute.


9.2. The Customer's personal data collected by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL must be communicated to third parties (especially the manager of the reservation platform and the company in charge of the secure payment site) so that the services can be provided. Some of these third parties may be located abroad. These third parties may only use this data for the same purposes. Third parties have undertaken to take all necessary security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the Customer's personal data.


9.3. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL may use the Customer's personal data for its own marketing operations by sending them, by any means whatsoever and in particular by e-mail, information on its products and services unless the Customer expressly objects to the request, communication of personal data or subsequently by writing to Customer Service whose contact details appear in Article 8 or by electronic means by sending an email to


Regarding commercial prospecting operations intended for the Customer, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL will store their data for a period of three years from the end of the commercial relationship.

For the purposes of executing the Contract, the PORT ROYAL HOTEL may need to collect the Customer's telephone number. The latter is informed of the existence of the "Bloctel" telephone doorstep opposition list. The Customer can register on the latter via the following link:


9.4. The Customer has the right to access, modify, rectify, oppose and delete personal data concerning them, as well as a right to define directives relating to the fate of their personal data after their death. The Customer may also request the communication of their personal data in an open and machine-readable format to be able to reuse them for personal purposes and, if necessary, transmit them to the organization of their choice. They can exercise these rights by writing to Customer Service.


9.5. The reservation procedure and navigation on the PORT ROYAL HOTEL Site may lead to the installation of cookies to memorize the Customer's identifiers and thus allow them direct access to their personal account. The Customer can nevertheless deactivate these cookies if they wish to do so at any time, through their browser settings.


9.6. The PORT ROYAL HOTEL takes all necessary measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data they have been transmitted by the Customer.


9.7. These PORT ROYAL HOTEL General Conditions of Sale are supplemented by:

- Specific mentions of information appearing on collection forms;

- A cookie processing policy that you will find here;

- The Personal Data Protection Charter.


10. Miscellaneous


10.1. By express agreement between the PORT ROYAL HOTEL and the Customer, e-mails and text messages exchanged in connection with the execution of the Contract will have probative value.


10.2. These General Conditions of Sale may be modified and / or supplemented by the PORT ROYAL HOTEL. In this case, the new General Conditions of Sale will be put online on the site and will apply immediately for any new reservation made on the website.

11. Applicable law - dispute resolution


The Contract is subject to French law.

The Customer is informed of the possibility of resorting, in the event of a dispute, to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative method of dispute settlement.

In particular, the Client may refer to a court conciliator free of charge. The list of court conciliators is available at the following address:


The following services are included in the price for one night (rates are VAT-inclusive and are only valid for the dates and the number of occupants the customer has provided for):

Accommodation matching the type of room chosen when booking and including the following services:

 - Internet access (Wi-Fi)

- Hospitality products

- Access to the hotel's common area

- A concierge service provided by PORT ROYAL HOTEL staff (for booking restaurants, shows, transport);

Any other services or supply of goods are not included in the price of an overnight stay and will be additionally invoiced to the Customer and in particular:

- Breakfast

- The consumption of drinks available à la carte

- Telephone communications, as well as all calls to short, special or premium-rate numbers be they made to landlines or mobile numbers in metropolitan France or other destinations.




HOTEL PORT ROYAL - 8, Boulevard de Port Royal 75005 PARIS, RCS Paris A 432 269 009

intra-community VAT number: FR 71 432 269 009 - Telephone: - Email:

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